FAQ for the cryptocuroius

  1. WTF is an NFT?
    • A collectible and ownable digital good that can be loaded with any content or payload. SomeNFTs can be used to unlock unique experiences when used as a key to access certain applications and platforms.
  2. What is a Wallet?
    • a digital wallet is a unique address that you own and control by maintaining exclusive access to your own private keys.
  3. Where do tokens come from?
    • smart contracts! Programs that live forever on the blockchain and can be accessed or used by anyone. Anyone can spin up a token and they do not have any inherent value, beyond their immediate utility. Once used widely, tokens are valued by their use on chain in digital world.
  4. What is a Blockchain?
    • a distributed ledger that is controlled by no one individual and maintains a records of all transactions that can be scanned and verified by anyone.
  5. What is a DAO?
    • a Decentralized Autonomous Organization is the web3 version of a company structure.